We have solutions for multiple segments.

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Asset Integrity Management Systems

The software (SaaS) features a dashboard with statistics and cost management support based on inspections of physical assets, enabling managers and executives to make informed decisions.

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Simulation Engineering

Simulation engineering solutions have been a specialty of R1 Engineering since its inception. The company operates in various industry segments, providing solutions that contribute to asset management, maintenance, and extending asset life.

Linear Structural Analysis

Nonlinear Structural Analysis

Dynamic Structural Analysis

Structural Optimization

Thermal and Thermomechanical Analysis

Fracture Mechanics (Crack Propagation)

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Experimental Stress Analysis

Fatigue Analysis (Remaining Useful Life)

Life Extension Study

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Structural Integrity

In order to ensure greater longevity and safety for our clients’ assets, R1 Engineering offers structural integrity solutions that assist decision-making in reliability and asset management sectors.

Development of procedures for structural recovery

Structural Integrity Inspections
(sensitive and instrumented)

Non-Destructive Testing

Structural Stability Study

Proposal of Repairs and Reinforcements

Drone Inspections