Asset Integrity Management 4.0

Centralize integrity information and manage asset condition, risk, inspections, and costs on a single platform.

360° Overview

Control of all assets

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Quick Reports

Streamline decision-making

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Increase efficiency and control expenses

The Strim (AIM software) enables comprehensive management of the physical assets‘ condition, aided by a dashboard with statistics and support for cost management based on inspections conducted through the platform, allowing managers and executives to make informed decisions.

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Manage and enhance the lifecycle of assets.

Detailed asset registration

With high scalability, Strim efficiently simplifies data from thousands of assets.

Security for employees

Ensures the safety of employees exposed to productive activities.

Make decisions and prevent failures.

Monitor the entire area with a simplified and accurate overview to enhance and expedite decision-making.

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Comprehensive platform for Asset Integrity Management.

Agility & Optimization

The platform clearly organizes the operational condition of assets, providing qualified support for decision-making.

Damage Tracking

With data integration and historical record keeping, it’s possible to expedite the discovery of the origin of an anomaly.

Cost control​

Control costs and allocate resources more efficiently.


Asset integrity management focused on a data-driven approach.

Data Integration & ERPs

The platform consolidates multiple data sources into a single environment with full cloud-based processing.


Enables large-scale deployment for an overview of all assets, anticipating the action plan.

History and Prevention​

It generates a history of activities and a workflow for handling issues related to non-conformities found in the area.

Risk Management

Enhances risk mitigation and operational efficiency, extending the lifespan of assets.

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STRIM is multi-platform, manage assets through any device.

The solution has been designed and executed to be accessed from iOS and Android devices as well as through web browsers, ensuring you have all the necessary information securely from anywhere.

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Strim Review Dashboard - R1 Asset Integrity
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Optimization detected

The processes are better.

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optimize processes

The information is just a touch away!

The solution has been designed and implemented to be accessible from iOS and Android devices as well as through web browsers, enabling you to securely access all necessary information from anywhere.

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Rust never sleeps. Monitor, track, and create an action plan.

Go digital! Combat corrosion swiftly, with Strim, you participate in the digital revolution driven by Industry 4.0. The platform consolidates all information on the condition of your assets and, through data processing, supports and streamlines the decision-making process in your industry.

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The Digital Revolution of asset management has arrived with STRIM.

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Unlock Asset Management in Industry 4.0